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Te Ara Pai Ake, The Better Way Seminars are held at different locations throughout Aotearoa and run between 3 hours to 3 days in duration.  These seminars are empowering for all those involved in business, in education and in the social sector to enhance confidence in the use of appropriate culture based interventions.  There is always a better way.  Every improvement no matter how big, every positive change no matter how small, every little bit of wisdom gained are all part of the "Better Way”.  If we are not willing to look, listen, feel to stretch ourselves we may never find a better way and just settle for how things have always been done.   Book a series of 6 Wananga - 1 day per month; select a seminar topic of your choice and create a taylored programme for your organisation 


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Other Seminars and workshops coming up 2017 (closed registration):

  • 15th November Te Rau O Te Huia Seminar, Tauranga

  • 21st-24th November Petane Marae Probations Wananga.

  • 22nd Hui Head Phycologist East Coast Prisons.

  • 24th-26th November Auckland wananga weekend. 

  • 5th-6th Dec Pan Pac Health and Safety Workshop, Napier.

  • 15th Dec Serco Prison Hui, Wiri.

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Programme facilitator, Herewini Jones, has been a keynote speaker and workshop presenter for nearly 30 years.  Working in the New Zealand prison system, in schools, on the marae and the intimate home environment,          he has also spent a significant amount of time with First Nations people in USA, Canada, and Polynesia.  By drawing    on ancient knowledge and wisdom, Herewini never fails to impact his audience in deep life changing ways.  He understands the profound importance of identity as a crucial platform that builds self esteem, self worth and self control as core fibres that lead to successful individuals and safe successful happy families.  

Herewini also facilitated 11 x 60 man inmate, four day, three night sleep in prison programs, the only ones ever held.  No one else has had the courage, heart, spirit or knowledge to attempt anything of the like since.

Herewini facilitated the first ever sleep in prison cultural programs in New Zealand Correctional Facilities running programmes over four days and three nights; personally facilitating the first 41 of those programs. The Maori Focus Units were born out of that enormous effort.

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Te Ara Pai Ake name means the better way or the better path. There are times in the turbulence of our busy lives when the way forward becomes a little blurred and jumbled with so much that needs to be done with not enough time in the day to accomplish it. The fog of war is how some refer to this.  No one is immune and at some point all will experience these situations to some degree. We might then ask ourselves is there a “Better Way”.


Whether it is meeting the needs of our families or confronting challenging opportunities in the work place, sporting arena, educational goals or our own personal items of concern – we might then ask ourselves is there a “Better Way”.


The working environment that we move in each day brings forth its own challenges that can cause stress, boredom, feelings of being ineffective, feelings of being ill equipped and powerless to bring about the type of changes that will have sustained impact – we might ask ourselves at these times is there a “Better way”.







There is always a “Better Way”.  Te Ara Pai Ake is always there if we genuinely want help, want to improve our capability and have a willing heart to learn, unlearn and re-learn.


Te Ara Pai Ake way, emerged after more than 30 years of working amongst whanau, hapu and iwi from the kainga, to the marae, to schools, to the prison and back again in a relentless, seemingly never-ending cycle that repeats itself with every new generation that face “Nga Tai Iro Ra Na Kupe” which translated means the trials Kupe faced. The challenges confronting us in this modern era, regardless of ethnicity, are  dysfunctional families devastated by violence, suicide, poverty, gangs, truancy, hate, racism, alcohol, drugs, sexual abuse, bullying, pornography……In the midst of all this and with so many dedicating their time, talents and hearts to curbing this tsunami of destruction in our communities – There is a “Better Way”.


This seminar is about sharing, filling gaps, empowering and inspiring those who want to increase their capability, sharpen their knowledge, add to their kete and press forward with a greater resolve to do better – Te Ara Pai Ake.


Heoi ano

Herewini Jones