For Corporate and Community Leaders:


  • Stop thinking your world is the only world.... 

  • Strengthening leadership - communication - collaboration - culture of trust.... 

  • Spreading The Load.

  • Measuring effective leadership.

  • Vertical, lateral leadership and triangulation.

  • Dealing with fatal flaws in leadership.

  • “The Key Stone” will bring greater success and productivity.

  • “Sink Holes” can become cones of success

  • Using all of your weapons

  • Glance back, look up, press forward and take someone with you.

  • The small voice that is over looked.

  • The buddy system.

  • The rebuke and encourage strategy.

  • The diseases: deafness, ego, envy, spite, intimidation, fault finding, blindness, altitude sickness and flogging a dead horse all connected to related viruses that curb production and progress.


One on one mentoring sessions:


  • To work through personnel issues

  • Blockages in decision making over key issues

  • Personal stresses and work burdens finding the balance

  • Another voice

  • The what ifs - looking from the outside - unseen options - over looked pitfalls.


You can make it with a little help...

For Sports Teams:


  • Team building

  • Developing strategies

  • The mind, body, spirit and family approach

  • Role model and example mantle

  • Standards that lead to success

  • Handling injury and set backs

  • Staying focused

  • Handling burn out

  • One on one mentoring sessions

  • Developing mental toughness

  • Paying attention to the details - comes success

















Universities, Polytechnics, High Schools, Intermediate,

Primary & Preschool Teachers and other learning institutions:


  • Understanding Cultural Diversity

  • Identity, part of students success package

  • Working with the weakest link

  • Education and inspiring the non achiever

  • Raising the bar and being consistent

  • Developing the mind and spirit

  • Teachers and TEACHERS

  • A willing heart and attitude brings success

  • Shooting for the stars

Invite Herewini to customise a program to meet the specific training needs of  your organization in the area of leadership; enhancing program content; program delivery strategies; building in-house cultures of trust; mentoring; cultural supervision; cultural responsiveness; cultural competency programs; or to facilitate seminar for your organization on any of the below listed subject matter....

Braves Football Team - Pembroke North Carolina 2010

The Hidden Potential...

'The Unseen Potential'