I ka ‘ōlelo no ke ola, i ka ‘ōlelo nō ka make.

In the language there is life, in the language there is death


Welcome to the "Better Way":


The word "Mana" means life force energy, power, authority...   The Hawaiians call it Mana. Taken together, the word Ho'omana means to empower or empowerment. When you have Life Force Energy you are empowered by the Creator. The people, called Kahuna,  who practiced these techniques and teachings knew that all power and all force emanated from the One, the source of all life, all energy, which in Hawai'i was called I'o. "Nana i ke Kumu"  Look to the Source and walk in the Malama. - Hawaiian Olelo




  • The sign posts

  • Prevention strategies

  • Understanding the physical, mental and spiritual forces involved

  • The impact on family, extended family and friends

  • Addiction impact

  • Education pressure to succeed

  • Failure and hopelessness

  • Failed romance and pregnancy shame

  • Loss of identity and self esteem

  • Youth decision making 

  • Unstable family environments 

  • Molestation shame and anxiety 

  • Abuse: verbal, physical, sexual and mental

  • Generational and cluster suicides

  • Ancestral suicide

  • Mate Mauri/Wairua – spiritual sickness


Gangs, Recruiting, Stand Overs and Bullying:

  • The first signs

  • How they operate

  • Gang culture (patterns)

  • The forces involved

  • Gang mind maps

  • How and where they started

  • Parents the key to stopping them

  • Gangs in families, schools, the community and prisons

  • How they recruit

  • Putting stops in place

  • Breaking the cycle



  • From beginning to end

  • Changing negative patterns

  • Peer pressure

  • Putting the stops in place

  • Interventions that will work

  • Walking with two masks

  • Walking on a bend

  • Chronic offending and addictions

  • Negative spiritual influences

  • The six week cycl


Mo'o Ku AuHau - Genealogy:

  • From the Americas into Polynesia down to New Zealand

  • The movement of Ike Kapu (sacred knowledge), the building of sacred schools of learning - Hale Wanana

  • Spiritual patterns


Mana Wahine Mana Kane:

  • Ke pae kapu o pua'i lani, Ke pae kapu o pua'i po'uli - two sacred barriers

  • Ke Hua,  Nā Keakea, Ke hāpai / hapu - sacred seeds

  • Ka moku ke piko - cutting the umbilical cord

  • Ka hāpai ki Io Ke Makua - lifting up

  • Ke Wai-hona-no'o-no'o - the intelligence, the mind

  • Ke Kino - the body

  • Ke Waikapu/Ke Wailua - Ke Mauli Ola - Ha Manawa

  • Nā Wahine Nā Hale Kanaka



Ho'oikaika Ke Ohana:

  • Husband and wife, love, respect and communication 

  • Whanau leadership, roles and responsibilities

  • Verbal and body language communications

  • Puberty and teenage pregnancy

  • Physical, mental and spiritual growth

  • Space, support and quality time

  • Family counsels for positive direction

  • Addressing addictions, anger, truancy, lack of respect, self esteem….

  • Setting examples

  • Keeping good family traditions and building identity through family history

  • Traditional family structure, roles and responsibilities

  • 14 points of learning and retaining


Ke Hale - The House:

  • The house has a voice – Ho'olono

  • The path of the spirit - Ala Uhane

  • You, we, I am the house

  • Beauty in the messages that inspire change

  • The structure and why it is so relevant today

  • Each name has a meaning and principle

  • A powerful influences on decision making revealed

  • Individual and family protection and education

  • The two ancient paths: decisions - determine - destiny.

  • 15 hidden points of leadership, of fatherhood and motherhood.

  • From the heavens into the world.

  • Birth - Life and Death

  • Ke ʻOiaʻIʻo - Nā ʻOiaʻIʻo  - Truth and the true way, education the priority


Ke Honua - The Earth:

  • Five posts of life

  • Ke Mauna, Ke Awa, Ke Honua - ʻoni-paʻa ki Opo-a-lewa

  • Pule (prayer) the sacred connection to Io Ola

  • Sacred Water all are connected

  • Knowing and understanding Identity - means change

  • Five sacred entities in the creation of man


Ke Kapu:

  • The four directions. The four peoples, the four elements...

  • From Mana Taka in Pennsylvanis to Alofi Ali'i in Samoa - to Taka Rangi in New Zealand

  • People of the red earth - One Ula in Hawaii - Kurawaka in New Zealand - Ke Kino the physical body.

  • The circle of chiefs in the heavens

  • Knowing and understanding Identity - awakens power to change

  • The pure language of chiefs

  • Ke Uhane Kapu - the sacred spirit

  • Nā Kahunanui, Medicine Men, Tufunga Otua, Tohunga

  • Prayer, Pule, Karakia - connecting to the powers that heal

  • Nā Pu'uhonua - sanctuaries 







Invite Herewini to customise a "Leadership or Healing" program to meet the specific training needs of  your organization:    


 One-day, two-day and three-day seminars on the use of "ʻike kūhohonu and kumukānāwai  - Traditional Sacred Indigenous Knowledge and Lore" not only as core healing and rehabilitation intervention components that ignite the fires of positive change, but that also inspire community leaders to adjust, to change and walk in a better way. That build confidence, self esteem and self determination to walk free of addictions. These seminars are a powerful reminder of what once was and of values and principles that can be recovered and live again in the hearts of the people.


CONTACT: Herewini on 011-64-27-2833336; EMAIL:  herewini@tearapaiake.co.nz