Ngā Māia O AOTEAROA NATIONAL AGM AND HUI, 1-4 NOV 2012,                                                           

At Te Ara O Tawhaki Eastern institute Of Technology, Taradale Napier -

  • An outstanding presentation which provoked a lot of interesting whakaaro.

  • Would of like to know more about being a tohunga.

  • Ka mau te wehi!! I expected this kind of korero and admit I heard it all at the right time in my life.

  • Amazing to listen to him – inspirational, very lucky to have him. Thank you.

  • Not long enough! Would have loved to have him for a longer period.  A real taonga. Wish all my whānau/hoa mahi were here to listen to his fantastic kōrero. Fantastic knowledge. Grateful he shared his taonga with us. Awesome presence.

  • He Tane Rongonui tēnei. Need to get him back for more wananga.

  • Awesome.

  • Amazing. Deep.

  • Fantastic.

  • Inspirational this korero was encouraging, would love it if this message was available to my whānau.



Ngutunui School Hall Community Leaders Hui, 21st November 2014.

Grace Marsh, The Principal Hauturu School (comments):- 

My whole family attended and both my 10 year old and my 17 year old took something away from this presentation. My husband especially enjoyed the manner in which Herewini presented.  It would be valuable to any community that wants to help it’s community develop and value it’s cultural background and identities of especially our Maori who are lost. I think he has probably given most of us a way to deliver this kind of knowledge to especially our Maori families and it will certainly help them form connections.


Mike Penwarden CYFS Hamilton (comments):-                      

Overall it woke me up more to the fact that for tribal based cultures that the cultural identity is very important. The agency I work for does not cater for this knowledge to put it in action. I came away very inspired if we could get our affected teenagers to agree to a week long course – how wonderful.


Lynda Dickson, Strathmore School:- 

Yes – brought me back down to earth, back to that basic stuff that I sometimes overlook!




Mr Bronco Mendenhall, Head Coach, 2005-2015, BYU Cougars Football Team, Utah 

"Mr. Jones was brought to BYU from New Zealand with the specific intent to promote change in the spirit of each individual. Herewini spoke to our team on four different occasions in four different settings and had a truly undeniable result. I am currently witnessing our team train with a resolve I have never seen before in my fifteen years of coaching college football.


My first experience came as Herewini spoke to the University of New Mexico football team. As he spoke to our team about their heart, mind, spirit and instincts. By applying those principles, the university had only its second winning season in 22 years and has had the most success in school history each year since. Herewini's message was the turning point in the program.


I am only limited by words in recommending Herewini. He has changed the teams I have coached and has changed me as a human being striving to be my best. If you are seeking for excellence in your organization, his program should be an integral part of your plan." 


Wharehuia Milroy (Professor) Waikato University 

Herewini, you still have a mission to complete and that may mean a slight adjustment to the course you are presently on. Our ancestors had to make those adjustments when they came from Hawaiki. Here is an opportunity for you to set your waka on a different course and you will still have the capacity to complete that mission.

Nga mihi nui





Hawaii Mo’o Ku Au Hau (Identity and Genealogy Programs)

December 15, 2010

“…On my observations of Herewini’s approach with our Hawaiian people, I have come to understand that if you want to change behavior, then you have to change minds. If you want to change minds, then you have to change hearts. If you want to change hearts, then you have to touch the person’s spirit. That is what I have seen Herewini do – touch spirits….”

Mahalo Nui (many thanks)

Peter Hanohano, Community Relations Specialist, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Honolulu Hawai’i





The Utah Gang Conference South Towne Expo Center Sandy, April 10-11, 2013                                    

Herewini Jones was part of a Panel to Discuss Utah Gang Issues.

Mr Jones told the audience that anyone working with gangsters or other criminals in the Polynesian community must recognize the power of their culture if they want to reach them.

When Pacific Islander youths don't learn the values of their culture, they are more susceptible to joining gangs and committing crimes, he said. "There are valuable and powerful things in the Polynesian world, and we cannot overlook them."                               By Kimball Bennion, The Salt Lake Tribune, April 15, 2013




Four day three night sleep over in prison wananga at Waikeria prison, Nikau Unit - Led by Herewini Jones.

"That was the first time I had ever enjoyed being in a school-type situation and I think I learn't more in four days than I ever did during my three years at highschool....Learning about our whakapapa. How our ancestors got here, the sort of men they were before they even arrived in this land, just blew me away....Seeing there faces (pictures) and realising they were real people who, at one time, walked upon this whenua freaked me out....The day after that wananga 10 of the 15 men who smoked cigarettes gave up, and, as far as I know, they still do not smoke today. Five men including myself gave up smoking dope, and I can honestly say I have not touched the stuff since. The thing that amazes me is that I don't even miss it one little bit......When you start to learn about these things, something switches on and try hard as you like you cannot ignore it...."


Tihema Galvin, ex-inmate Waikeria/Mangaroa Prisons, ex gang member.

Kokiri Paetae, February 2000. (This is a reflection of hundreds of men who attended these programs)



Director of Smarter Parenting, at Utah Youth Village, Licensed Professional Counselor, April 10th - 11th, 2013

The main speaker was Herewini Jones from New Zealand. His reputation precedes him.   A simple man but filled with passion and knowledge about history, knowledge and genealogy of the Pacific Island people

I had the privilege of serving as the moderator for the discussion. I have been to many conferences but I have never been to one like this one. He shared powerful examples of his experiences. He also provided suggestions for workers to use when dealing with Pacific Islanders in the court system. Mr. Jones also spoke of how to use cultural values within an intervention.

Does it work? From a Polynesian who grew up in Salt Lake City and knows the dynamics of living in Utah, I would have to say that it would work. The approach spoke to me as a professional but more as a Pacific Islander.

Afterwards I felt excited and edified. I felt the Pacific Islander population had a voice and it resonated with me.


Siope Kinikini      



Nebraska, Lincoln, Indigenous Cultural Competency Summit, 18-19th August 2011     

"I have gained some knowledge that I never knew. I very enjoyed this workshop. I hope there will be more workshops in the future".


"He gave me knowledge I never knew my respect for indigenous people grew tremendously with this.."


"Information is very valuable for service providers and community - hope to see more informational presentations on indigenous cultural practices".


"Very well organized-food was great, subject was extraordinary and well covered. I learned a lot and found something that will change my life and how I see things. Thanks".



Media: (gang summit SLC)


Harakuku - Suicide Prevention Seminar, 14th October 2016, Palmerston North

Harakuku - Suicide Prevention Seminar, 23rd September 2016, Kaitaia 

I realise I need to make changes in my own life to become a more grounded leader.  Great workshop. Kere Kaihe, Ngaphui Iwi Social Services Social Worker

Reinforced my spiritual perspective.  As a pakeha I felt onboard and included.  I need to clean up my act.  

Ron Liddicoat, Shalom Education

All of the sessions were fascinating and amazing.  So much thought had gone into illustrating each session, which was cleverly achieved in allowing you to think through what was being said.  

Eleanor Besso, Northland DHB 

I could relate to a lot of the korero in my life pathway and have big whanau and many mokopuna who I would like to share the korero with.  

Cyril Chapman - Radio Tautoko.

Everything today reinforced the power of whanau.  I was very moved by the culture and whakapapa korero.  Thank you so much I received a lot of information clearly.  Now I can go out and use it.  Don't wait until it happens.  

Serafina Lay - Whare Timatanga Hauora Kaitaia Womens Refuge 

Reaffirms the direction in my studies and work.   It reinforced my depth of understanding and broadens it.  Awesome delivery and presentation.  Really uplifting and mana enhancing workshop.  Tena koe Herewini.  

Te Hiku Hauora

Very powerful and very inspiring.  Intensive wananga of identity.  I have to improve more on a personal level but mahi too.  Would love to learn more!

Tania Seddon, Kaitaia Family Budgeting Service

This seminar reinforced what I know in regard to tikanga and kaupapa maori and the importance of knowing who we are as descendants of Rangatira.  I know a lot of people would benefit from this type of wananga.  I would like more of this in my own community/whanau.  

Hori Chapman - Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Pukemiro

I loved the humble way the speaker delivered.  - Kaitaia Reap

I would like to know more about all covered today.  Bought home some important and valuable truths.  Need to walk the talk.   Miriam Centre

I do believe this is critical to our well being as maori and have been on this path for many years always potential to do better.   - Jo Mane, Community Member

The main impact for me was the strength the wairua has along with the whanau and the roles within.  The history of suicide and how our current systems are failing our nation.  The seminar was amazing and any further training given would absolutely be beneficial to ongoing learning - which we all should be doing - Lynda Matthews, Northtec Student

I liked the explanation about domestic violence and its linkages to our whanau and whakapapa..  I learned a lot.  Sarah Wihongi, Kaitaia Police  

I learned of the importance of Wairua.  Would like to incorporate more tikanga in my life.  Pai ki te kitea i a koe, Mauri Ora Robert Akuhata, Far North District Council

Even though this was the short version of your korero, I feel the want to continue to learn more as I know kanohi ki te kanohi is always best.  I would love to attend more wananga filled with this korero.  It is essential to us as maori and should be shared nationwide.  Kim Ellice OTC

31st April 2016, Te Kuiti, Waikato -


"Finally the wairua is acknowledged as the main pillar.....outstanding relevant at all levels....weaknesses exposed on a personal level....gave me reassurance and confidence in this field." (Steve Richards - NZ police)


"This course really drew my attention to the wider world, taking into account suicide......beautiful knowledge of how suicide impacts..." (Liz John -midlands health)

"It has given me a different understanding of how, why and a new process of understanding our people. Who may or may not understand themselves." (Meg Doole-Reweti - Pinnacle health NZ)

"set an example, work on my leadership skills and share what I have learnt today with other leaders in the community." "Before I attended this seminar I was confident but needed help.....I now feel inspired and confident to step up." (Lee Taylor)


"Inspiring, motivational and life I can definately improve my leadership." (Hilary Karaitiana)


"Very powerful. I was really worrying about how this workshop was going to be delivered but it was great. Definately shown me the importance of sharing the load......very relevant to my work." (Donna Russell - Otorohanga College)


"Was unsure of my abilities....I now feel inspired and confident to step up. I have a deeper appreciation of who I am...As a parent and friend affected by suicide and self harm this is applicable within my work."  (Anihira Kawau - Pinnacle health NZ)


"It changed my life...the quality of the knowledge. Put into action the knowledge I have gained to be of service to my whanau and those in th wider community." (Te Waina Pou)


"Powerful understanding of linking this to our youth...I will seek further opportunity to gain understanding of the spiritual aspects." (Greg Howitt - Otorohanga College)


"More aware and have greater understanding....ensure the support networks are available." (Jade Tapine)


17th March Pan Pac Forest Products Ltd, Napier - Health and Safety Leadership


Describe the impact this workshop has had on you :

  • A lot. Has made me think a lot about what is going on in my life.

  • Pretty good talking about things I can work on improving at work and at home (sink holes and parasites).

  • Standing in the gap has had a profound effect on me, a positive effect and its good to see it around me.

  • Heaps, keeps my mind on the job.

  • Perfect timing for me.

  • Motivating me to do my job to the highest standard I can personally achieve.

  • Opened my eyes to a few things.

  • To change if not safe.

  • Made me think more about communicating 2 the staff.

  • Good, learned a lot like last time.

  • In a good way, makes me want to change certain things.

  • Keeps me thinking about things that need to change.

  • Opened up the eyes a lot, I really enjoyed that it is easy to understand and you guys keep the basic English not use the big as words that get us all confused and lost.

  • Big impact.

  • Tools food for thought.

  • Made me more conscious about how important the little things are.

  • Was deep and made me think hard about life, job, family and friends.

  • Made me open my eyes and identify where there are wrongs. Speak up and slowly start changing my bad habits.

  • Heaps, having to learn, unlearn and relearn is something I want to start doing, and not get stuck in my old ways.


Te Kuiti, Te Ara Pai Ake Hui 5th Feb 2016 -


"The Ira Atua korero has given me a place to start in my changes and healing.......Today's session really strengthened m/my wairua going forward."(Lee Taylor)


"I really enjoyed the video about brain it affects people and how it can be improved." (Carol Murry)


"Learning about using the whakapapa as an intervention tool was amazing.....The korero about the Ira Atua and Te Tinana put actual words to feelings I've had all my life." (Billie Taia)


"Building a platform using whakapapa/tahuhu korero needs to be set before we talk with whanau.....we are there to empower not to babysit." (Hilary Karaitiana)


"Where to start from, myself, whanau then others." (K.Rota)


3rd December 2015, Pan Pac Forest Products Ltd, Health and Safety Leadership -


Describe the impact this workshop has had on you:


  • Great someone cares about how management handles things.

  • Speak out, stand up. 10 out of 10.

  • Helped me see different.

  • Opened my eyes to a lot of things that have needed to be addressed.

  • Learnt a few new things.

  • Have learnt a lot.

  • Standing up.

  • Help me understand better.

  • Has given me info and tools to work through for home and work.

  • To stand up, speak my mind, and don’t let things slide (safety wise).

  • Eye opener.

  • Learnt that a good crew is a safe one.

  • Positive.

  • Very educational and the different ways to help the guys in the field, and the different angles on attacking stuff.

  • It has given me a more realistic idea on how important my role is as a leader, not only to my crew but also their families.

  • Heaps, it has changed my over look on things and think more about speaking up in confidence.

  • Made me open my eyes and made me want to stand up for mine and other workers safety.

  • Made me think more about the dangers in my job.


Foxton Te Ara Pai Ake Hui 28th Sep 2015 -


"Yes, the korero around tairo was especially sensitive to showed me that my choices dont just impact myself but everybody around me...

.....You are the leader to not only your destiny but also those you influence" (Thomas Taiaroa - Te Oranganui Iwi Health)


"Understanding leadership...empowering korero. These are important topics that will support my work in the community" (Jayne - Te Runanga o Raukawa)



Tauranga Moana, Te Rau Ote Huia Community Trust, 26th May 2015 -

"Love the matter being taught, it pulls you in as Maori because it belongs to you personally" (David)


"Hearing all the comments from staff in attendance was a positive experience because of what I know, what I felt and what I am learning still. Staff were overwhelmed by what they heard, saw and felt, They want to hear more. (Kessie Kohu)


"The simplicity, the Maori content and the "whakapapa" shared was very powerful..Tau Ke.....absolutely I see that the non performance of todays interventions and know that there must be a better way.....acting in unison sees better gains for our is refreshing to revalidate our own concepts" (Hariata Vercoe)


"Yes, I need to walk the korero and explore more traditional interventions.....definately felt the korero was tika and pono as confirmed a te wairua.......more values and traditional solutions are required for Maori working with Maori" (Tracey Ormsby)


"Yes, I need to unlearn firstly, to relearn.......Yes, getting to the deep root and straight to the wairua impacts. It humbles you"(Ani Kelly)


My whole life was explained.....I will stop drinking! I know I hide a lot of my personal mamae through alcohol....we have powerful role models in our tupuna" (Mischelle Tohu)


"Absolutely just knowing who we are gives one a sense of identity and values.....the korero was clear to the point, understandable and so enlightening"(Regina Maggeth - 18th March 2015)


Te Kuiti Te Ara Pai Ake Hui, Wednesday 1st July, 2015 -

"An indepth view of things I did not know, Very grateful.."(Ernest Wana)


"Empowered to share" (Desiree Mckenzie)


"I respect Herewini's style of speaking and delivery that did not make me feel different or out of place. I feel very privilaged to be a part of the Maniapoto whanau...overwhelmed - empowered.." (Corina Teague)


"Truely the most inspirational insight into what has been missing in my life....what I heard today is life changing" (Pia Searancke)


"Great to have the opportunity to much to take in..I have more understanding about the word Waipiro.." (Sonny Teddy)


"Loved the korero. I wish this korero could be introduced into schools with our rangatahi"  (Eria Pye)


"Everything impacted even the video!....I wounder how much of my life lessons I've missed the key point..." (M. Borell)


"All korero/topics had a positive impact to my/our identity and the field of mahi I am involved with..." (Sharon James)


"..Korero wairua hoki touched my has enhanced me to continue on to be obedient and do my best even during hardships.." (Te Waina Pou)


Te Ara Pai Ake Hui, 1st May 2015, Holiday Inn Whakarewarewa Rotorua -


"This certainly has given me great understanding...I have people wanting advice from me on a spiritual level and this has given me great insight...the korero today has made everything complete for me..." (Eunice Kereopa)


"very powerful, moving, opening the mind....knowing my own korero before sharing with others.." (Fred Vercoe - Te Utuhina Manaaki Trust)


"..working together...transformational approach to effective change and long term sustainability.." (Titi Ransfield King - Te Waiariki Purea Trust)


"Yes today I found myself crying, learning and smiling truly an empowering seminar...this seminar ensures me that there is still hope! (Everlyn Anderson - Ngati Pikiao)


"I felt honored to be of Maori descent" ( Jonette Marsh - Ngati Te Rangi Te Aorere)


"although the hui was condensed, everything fell into place. It connected, the environment, the mentors and more so the connection to Te Arawa Waka....this hui also made me realise that what I always did "karakia" was a strong value"  (Makuini)


"all the korero touched has given me tools to apply in my family...I would like our team to share in this experience" (Serena)



COMMENTS..(DHB, CYFS, Whakapai Hauora Workers, Maori Health Development and others..)

"This is revelation.  I have never attended such a korero. Nga mihi nui"

"Very info dense and at times very overwhelming.  I think it will empower myself so that I become a greater leader/inspirer"

"Thank you so much Matua.  You've restored my faith! Such an inspiration your korero has been for me today.  I'm so grateful to have been here to witness and experience this for myself."

"Tino koa te ngakau. Ko te hohonutanga o tenei hui, he taumata ano kē! He taumata tika! Ko te tika - te pono.  Ko te pono - te tika.  Feeling very inspired."

"Today session sufficed my present needs, however I have aroha for collegue that are supporting our whanau that need the korero of Herewini."


COMMENTS..(WINZ, Te Kohanga Reo, DHB, Dept Corrections and others..)

"..this wananga is a re-awakening of tuturu practises I remember some when growing up, it does, take a village to bring up a child"

"I liked your presentation.  It was clear and very interesting as I am hands on person."

"Everyone needs to know what is discussed in this seminar, empowering and spiritually uplifting. "

"This will help empower me to empower others..I need/want to learn much more!"