“When we deal in generalities, we shall never succeed. When we deal in specifics, we shall rarely have a failure. When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of performance accelerates.”                          Thomas S. Monson

2010, North Carolina, Pembroke - Braves Footbal Team "Look to your team members as your friends"

1983 Hastings YMCA stadium fighting Vernon Winitana - Technique, timing and speed with absolute commitment can overcome size and strength

Hastings fighting Vern Winitana - Faced with a large opponent sometimes the best way is forward

Hastings Putanga Gym. Some of those who learned through enormous effort that anything is possible

Jason Rarere (R) Vs Fanta of Thailand - 24 fights against 140. Lost on a split decision. Jason was one of those special fighters that come along only now and then.

Johnny Jillings (L) Hape Ngaronoa (M) Jason Rarere (R). They held five NZ titles between them. All different but with the same uncounquerable spirit

New Mexico, Albuquerque, Lobo Football Team - "Steadfast and Immovable"

New Zealand, Hamilton - Benny "The Jet" Urquidez one of the best. Presenting him with a taniko belt

Hape Ngaronoa Vs Petchnamnuing of Thailand..14 fights against 100plus. Hape won on courage, a special fight from a gifted fighter

Greece, Athens gym - Great fighters only come along now and then I have been blessed to have trained many great ones - Hashim was one - He now lives in Mombasa Kenya

Greece, Ioanina - Training with Hashim Badr Eldin Mohammed after his return from Japan

Hastings, Flaxmere - Price Harris (L) and Marlon Hodges - Price had beautiful hands and an incredible will to win. Marlon won the NZ light heavyweight title twice; always good on detail

BYU Cougars Football Team - "Little Things Matter"

Price Harris fighting South Island Heavy weight champ..A short fight. Price said as I strapped his hands "He will NEVER beat me in my town"

Sweden Stockholme - With Bjorn Hansen four day Kickboxing camp students came from across Sweden

Hastings Putanga Gym - Roland Ferris one of the best haka exponents in New Zealand, calling the Haka in a welcome

Greece, Ioanina - Shidokan demonstartion. Mikis Batsis 2nd row right came to NZ and defeated Charlie Moeke one of NZ top middle weights by KO

Paul Kingi - a six week three times a day intense training schedule to fight Nakanishi Manabu in Tokyo K1

Opotiki - the beginning of the journey to a super fight in Japan K1

Japan Tokyo - A long way from the Opotiki shed to the K1 press conference for Paul Kingi

Japan Tokyo - 10 minutes before Paul's first fight ever in K1 and the long walk to the arena. There is no way back, nothing is more calm or intense as those few moments before battle

Japan Tokyo - Sticking to the basic skill set, preparing the mind, heart and spirit and being up against the odds; victory came early

Tokyo Japan - Paul Kingi 2nd super fight against a 90 fight veteran Fancisco Filo; lost on a split decision "incredible"

Hirini Wikaira, with the love of his dad. Six days, 18 sessions tending to the details. 12th Oct 2012 - NZ junior middleweight Champion

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"Learning" But More Importantly "Understanding" The Way

- The Dream - The Vision​ - The Desire  

- Setting The Goal - Staying The Course 

- The Effort - The Pain - The Sacrifice

- Mastering the basic foundation skill sets

- Absolute belief

- Facing and overcoming adversity

- Recognizing limitations then finding the way

- Mastering the mind

- Controling the fear

- Following the footsteps and leaving your own

- Know your weak areas "Then Change Them"

- Changing the rythmn wins

- Deception creates openings "All Sport Is Chess"

- Breaking bad habits when under pressure

- Flexibility - Speed - Power - Strength - Stamina

- There is always a way "Find It"

- Winning without "The X Factor"

- Instinct - The Feel - The Spirit

- Using all of your weapons

- The extra mile "The Great Ones Do It"

- Training hard does not always work - but training hard the right way does

- Dealing with alcohol or drug concerns

- Stregthening family and home support relationships


After many years of training, observing, listening and teaching there are certain things that define great athletes, regardless of the sport. They are born with certain abilities:

- Co-ordination

- Quick to grasp the basic fundamentals

- Natural ability - speed - power - strength and flexibility

- Intinct and timing

- Attitude - Courage

- They have will power and the drive to succeed

- They have that intangible thing called the ex-factor

- Can handle the pain, disappointment and setback through injury


When this type of person having any one or number the above abilities has no ego and is willing to learn and work hard their natural talents and skill sets can be refined and sharpened and their full potential reached - A coaches dream.


Through exprience; not all those highly gifted with athletic ability make it. Some of those in the following categories with the right help can make it - insightful coaches, trainers and mentors can draw it out of them:

- No ability that jumps out at you - yet there is something there

- They are willing to learn and keep going; even when no one notices them

- They take much longer to learn the drills and finer skills

- They struggle with the fitness required

- They struggle with the weight regime required

- They struggle with discipline and the mental toughness required

- They wrestle with confidence and faith in their abilities


Understand the person, listen, recognize improvement, always encourage and it will suddenly happen. Good/great coaches, trainers and mentors are like carvers, moulders of clay not domineering but firm and clear. Carefully removing that which is impeding ability or adding that which is required so the athlete feels it more than he sees it - A coaches growth.